Welcome to Divyanka Children Hospital

Divyanka Children Hospital is run by senior pediatrician Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi & Dr. Priyanka Chaturvedi Bhopal.They took intensive training at Rani Children Hospital, Ranchi in Critical Care Management of New born and pediatric patient .• Three years of teaching and research experience in tertiary care institute of New Delhi, during junior residency and 2 years of clinical, teaching and research experience including 2 years of junior residency in largest institute of jharkhand which includes handling of both Inpatient and Outpatient services.

Workshop and Training :-
  • Pediatrics Advanced life support course.(2003)
  • Neonatal advanced life support course.
  • Workshop on Essential New born care & medical education.(2005)
  • Workshop on basic neonatal care.(2002)
  • Workshop on genetics (2003)
  • Work shop on medical education technology.(2004)
  • Workshop on childhood Asthmas.(2004)
  • In service training of Kangaroo Mother Care.(2004)
  • Workshop in practical pediatrics oncology (2004)
  • Workshop on standardization of pediatric office practice (2006)
  • Trainers training for IMNCI. (2006)
  • International conference of pediatrics neurology and epilepsy(2009).
  • Education module workshop on RTI(2010).
  • Faculty for pediatric total nutrition programme
  • District instructor and regional trainer for IAPNRPFGM project.
Faculty For :-
  • Neonatal advance life support.
  • IMNCI faculty – Gujarat State.
  • Kangaroo Mother Care – Gujarat State.
  • Essential Newborn Care – Gujarat State.
  • Core Group Member – Gender bias in Medical Field – Gujarat State.
  • Iodine Deficiency Disorders – Core Committee member Gujarat State.
  • District trainer and regional trainer for NRP-FGM  project.
Many Paper presented as Author / Co Author :-
  • Indian Public Health Association, Chennai 26–28th June 1998
  • 26th Annual Conference of IAPSM, Surat 27–30th January 1999.
       Topic – Assessment Of Quality Of Maternal And Child Health Services In Area Of PHC    Nalcha (District - Dhar, M.P.)
  • Joint National Conference Of IPHA, IAPSM And ISMOCD, Agra 10–12th March 2000.
       Topic – Assessment Of Health Care Staff At PHC And CHC In Terms Of Patient’s Perception    And Satisfaction.
  • XXXIV Annual Conference Of NSI, Bhopal 5 – 6th December 2001.
       Topic – Women’s Role In Improving Nutritional Status Of The Community.
  • XXIX Annual Conference Of IAPSM, Sewagram 15 – 17th February 2002.
       Topic – Comparison Of Coverage Evaluation Of Pulse Polio Immunization (PPI) V/s
       Routine Immunization (RI) Under UIP In Jamnagar Slum Areas Of Gujarat State .
  • National Seminar On Reproductive And Child Health, New Delhi 25 – 27th 2002.
       Topic – coverage evaluation survey of routine immunization (under UIP 0-1 yr) in Bhavnagar    City of district Bhavnagar, Gujarat state.
  • National seminar on reproductive and child health, new Delhi 25–27th 2002.
       Topic– effects of the maternal anthropometry and biosocial determinants on the birth weight    of the new Borns.
  • XXX national conference of IAPSM, Belgaum  6 – 8th February 2003.
       Topic–Coverage evaluation survey of routine immunization (under UIP 0-1yr) in Bhavnagar    city of district Bhavnagar, Gujarat state.
  • 5th National congress on Paediatric 10 – 12th October 2003.
       Topic– Etiological profile of childhood epilepsy in patients attending epilepsy clinic,    department of Paediatrics, GGH, Jamnagar city of Gujarat state.
  • 1st national conference on HIV and Hepatitis co- infection. 25-26 January 2003 multiple     transfused patient
        Topic- incidence and prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis B infection in multiple transfused     patient.
Have 4 publications in journals of repute:-
  • Coverage evaluation survey of pulse polio immunization
        Journal : Indian journal of Public Health.
  • Cost recovery in Government health care setup in developing countries.
        Journal : Promotion and Education, IUHPE.
  • “DOTS can fight TB” Assessment of one year of RNTCP.
        Journal : Indian journal of Community Medicine.
  • Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Epidemiology And Threat
        Journal : Gujarat Medical Journal, IMA GC